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​Trek with Us!

2020 has hit the rescue community hard. Our best and most productive fundraisers have been cancelled, and intake of adoptable animals has been slim. More often than not, recent arrivals are aged and/or compromised. These animals are placed with fees waived where feasible or they join our ever expanding pool of "permanent fosters." A lack of adoptable animals means less adoption fees which are used to cover expenses incurred with "permanent fosters" (whose medical and other expenses are covered by SELR) and other organizational costs.  

As with any rescue, one of our biggest challenges is finding the funds to take care of these loyal, beautiful creatures that so many of us find to be our best of friends and trustworthy confidants. We always do our best for the animals that come to us but the cold hard truth is that funding makes all the difference in how we approach medical issues and how far we're able to extend ourselves on behalf of the animals.

Please join us in going the distance for these magnificent souls while keeping our distance!

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For more information about Southeast Llama Rescue, please visit us at

Run, walk, REGISTER!



If you aren't a trekker, please consider joining in our effort to save as many of these priceless animals as we can.

Want an awesome shirt that will grab some attention? Follow the Llazy Llama tab above to order your very own trekking shirt and make everyone think you worked hard - we don't care if you are supporting us from your couch!!

Don't want another shirt cluttering your drawers but would love to help the llama community? Please follow the Donate button above. 

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Social Distancing at its finest! 
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